All You Need To Know About Buying Pediatric Pulse Oximeters

For the uninitiated, a pulse oximeter is a non-invasive diagnostic tool that helps in finding percentage of oxygenated hemoglobin. It helps in knowing blood oxygen levels without being subjected to needles or any other equipment. Most pulse oximeters work in a same way and provide accurate results. Using one is also easy. The pulse oximeter must be attached to any finger of the patient, and in a few minutes, the reading can be obtained. If you want to know more on how an oximeter works, check online for various detailed articles. In this post, we will talk about pediatric pulse oximeters in detail.

What’s a pediatric pulse oximeter?

As the name indicates, a pediatric pulse oximeter is designed for infants and children. It offers accurate measurement, even when the child is moving, making it one of the must-have products at medical clinics, doctors’ chambers and home. Compared to a regular oximeter, a pediatric pulse oximeter is designed to have a smaller clamp and the sensor is calibrated to precision. The new age products are designed to have a clear display, which makes it easier to take the notes. The best pediatric pulse oximeter ensures that it can be used for infants and newborns.

Finding one

Many parents wonder if they should get an oximeter in the first place. For infants who suffer from asthma and some of the other conditions, monitoring the blood oxygen levels is a must. Also, parents may want to monitor the baby anyway for basic parameters, for which an oximeter is really useful. There are a bunch of pediatric pulse oximeters in the market, but the best product is the one that’s easy to use, has the right clip-on, and probably also includes a heart rate monitor.  Talk to your pediatrician to know what may work best for your baby’s needs.

The options

There are different options in pediatric pulse oximeters, and the first one is a portable one, which is easy to use and comes with an attached digital screen. There are also handheld oximeters that are frequently used in medical centers and healthcare facilities. There’s the choice of tabletop oximeters that are more used for professional setups. Given that we are considering infants and children, fetal pulse oximeters are extremely handy and work well for those tiny fingers.

Depending on what you require, check online and make a choice. Before that, check with your doctor.

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