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Brief Note on Popular Kind of Outdoor Water Fountains

Outdoor space of any home aids in adding more beauty to the house. To have a beautiful exclusively designed water fountain in the outer premises is mind soothing. Hearing the sound of cascading water helps the mind to keep refresh. As there are ample ranges of fountains in the market, it will be helpful to know about the most sold type of water fountain and its features.

Here are few things to know about every popular selling fountain worldwide:

  • Pond or fountains: If you have a pond in your place it is best to have fountain in the middle. You can choose its height as per the requirement. The fountains are designed boldly suiting the outer environment. Some even have unique sculptures at the top. New modern fountains don’t consume excessive water as the water in the pond is recycled again and again.

  • Multi tired fountains: One of the traditional form of fountains having the multi-levels nicely carved and matching the rustic atmosphere of the garden.
  • Wall fountains: They can be mounted on walls, best if you have less outer space in your home. Influenced by Chinese Zen gardens available in varied size and style. They are made of light material like resin and fibre glass, thus no damage will occur to the wall.
  • Rock or stone water fall fountains: Best to be placed in huge gardens having ever green trees surrounding it. The fountain will promote classic look of the garden. The tinkling sound of the water adds charms in there atmosphere. They are easy to clean and maintain, thus favourite of hoteliers, cottage people and big house owners.
  • Bird bath fountain: The base of the fountain isn’t deep. Thus, birds can have their drink and even bath in it. It can be placed in small gardens and patios. They are light weight mostly consisting of two or single tier. It is delicately carved and available in varied colours and size.
  • Disappearing fountains: They are baseless fountains having water reservoir underground. They are popular as it occupies less space and safe to use. Low maintenance as there is no basin to accumulate dirt water.

  • Light weight fountains: These fountains are made of fibre galls or resin, thus easy to carry. Artistically designed this type of fountain can be used indoors too.

To know more about different types of outdoor fountains search on websites of credential manufacturers and sellers of water fountains.

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