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Five Effective Tricks to Prevent your Clothes from Wrinkling

Wrinkles can make even you finest garment looking tattered. They happen because of poor laundering and clothing care. If you don’t like to wear your clothing only to find it is wrinkled, try the following tricks to keep your garments wrinkle-free:

Washing your Clothes Carefully

Make sure you follow instructions you can find on care label when wash your garments. Once you are done cleaning your garments, remove them right away and shake them gently to loosen any twisted fabric. Untangle entwined clothing. Letting wet clothes to sit for too long will allow wrinkles to form. Thus, attend to your garments after the washing cycle.

Drying the Clothes and Remove

Drying can cause wrinkles to your clothes if you don’t do it some considerations. While you use a dryer, follow the label instructions in terms of the heat setting and timing. Once the drying is finished, remove the clothes right away to prevent wrinkles from forming.  In case you need to hang your clothes to dry, do it on clothespins that have lots of rooms to prevent them from tangling each other.

Ironing the Clothes

Traditionally, the best way to deal with wrinkled clothes is to iron them. Apart from making fabrics smooth, this method reinforces and keeps the fabric stiff. But, ironing should only be done to fabrics that allow it. For clothes which allow ironing, spray starch or water thoroughly and iron them in portions. Fortunately, there is an alternative to ironing that eliminates the hard work and risks involved in ironing. This product is called wrinkle releaser, a plant-based alternative to ironing.

Folding your Clothes

You can save space when you fold clothes; however, this can cause the formation of wrinkles when you don’t do it properly. To make sure you prevent wrinkles on your clothes while folding, spray a layer of liquid starch on the article of clothing you laid flat and smooth. When folding a T-shirt, lay it flat and fold the sleeves inward at the seam and then fold the bottom. Repeat this in the center.

Hanging the Clothes

You can prevent wrinkles when you hang your clothes. However, this approach is not always a good option if you don’t have the space. But, if you can do it, hang your clothes right away after you have dried or ironed them. Use clip hangers for hanging your pants. Avoid hanging clothes tightly together.



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