Four Important Tips when Shopping for Tires

Tires are important vehicle features. They are the only thing between the driver and the road. A driver’s safety depends on good tires. Tires must be kept properly inflated in order to save fuel. Using worn out tires can cause an accident. Thus, if your vehicle’s tires have aged and worn out, make sure you get a new set of tires before you drive your car again. Below are some tips that can help you when buying tires:

Determine if you Really Need to Get New Tires

Check your tires for signs of aging and damages. Don’t forget the check the spare also. Carry out a penny test to help you evaluate the condition of your tires. Insert a penny into the tire tread with the head pointing toward the tire’s center. The head should be partially hidden when the tires are still good for use. Otherwise, you should find a tire supplier or retailer like PMCtire.

Read the Tire Codes

Tire codes are essential to know in terms of new tire pricing. These codes are composed of numbers and letters. They indicate the tier’s performance, size, and kind. The tire size’s first three digit numbers refer to the width of the tire. The two-digit number that can be found after the slash mark is the aspect ratio. The letter R stands for radial or the layers run across the tire.

Choose the Right Tire Size

When shopping around for tires, you may be asked by the dealers about your vehicle’s make, year, and model. However, you may have to choose from various size options. No matter the options available to you, pick tires which fit the recommended speed rating. The tires must be able to handle your vehicle up to a designated top speed and accommodate your vehicles’ weight.

Shop Around

As with any purchases, you have many options where to get your tires. Think about visiting your local tire shop or discount tire shop. But for extra convenience, order your tires online. Prices often vary so make sure you compare prices from various stores. If you are getting your tires online, make sure you choose a trusted and reputable tire shop. You don’t want to give your credit card information and personal details to parties that might sell them to others. To avoid getting scammed online, make sure you read customer reviews before you choose a tire shop.

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