Steps To Boost the Effectiveness of Your Shopping Power

We are all guilty of spur-of-the-moment impulsive buys that we immediately start to regret. You’ll be amazed at the amount you could save at being more efficient at shopping.

Here are some simple tips to save both your time and your money.


Most of us drift to online window shopping when we’re bored. Well, you could put that to good use by comparing prices of the items you need, in different sites. You could also compare the prices of similar items in different brands, check out the reviews and be better informed about the product. Make use of discounts, coupon codes that you might receive for your first purchase. Compare online and walk-in store prices to make a better-informed decision.


It is completely ok to spoil yourself once in a while and buy that thing you always wanted but make sure it doesn’t eat up a large chunk of your paycheck. Set aside a budget for shopping and stick to it. Before you splurge on that expensive phone, take a step back and think if it really something you need or just a thing you want.

Go Alone

Shopping alone will avoid those unnecessary purchases of items that you didn’t really like but your friend suggested. Some alone time will also ensure you’ll have a clear mind and make better decisions. If you really need a second opinion text your friend a picture!


Stop throwing away those sale pamphlets clogging your door and take a look at them! Take advantage of the deals and discounts. Websites like discount club offer coupons and discounts that can get you a great deal. Also, shopping during seasonal sales can help you save big time. So if you don’t need anything immediately, wait for the sale.

Credit Card Benefits

Don’t just watch out for sales and promotions by retailers, also check out the discounts your credit card offers for certain brands. Your card issuer will have tie-ups with flights, hotels, restaurants all of which you could make use of. Don’t miss out on these!

Shop with a purpose

Don’t go shopping because you’re bored. Clearly identify your wants and needs and quit impulsive buys when you don’t really need something. Also think twice if the item will be useful to you, you don’t want another jacket lying around in your closet never to be used.

Return Policy

Check the exchange/return policy of a retailer before you buy an item. Sometimes the only way to know if an item works for you is to take it home and use it. Check the permitted return period and if the retailer will give you your money back or issue store credit. More importantly, don’t lose that receipt.

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