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7 Delicious Facts about Donuts You Never Knew

Donuts are omnipresent. Years ago, a few pastries have served as an inspiration as an everlasting enthusiasm, or many movies and TV tributes as sweet rings of fried dough. But as we are munching on those donuts for years, many of us are not aware of its delicious history. Here are some facts about donuts you never knew about.

  1. Over 10 billion donuts are made in the US annually.

The American donuts industry is astronomical, with hundreds of fast food chains are reliable for its production. In the meanwhile, Canada produces fewer donuts, but with its lower population, it has the most number of donut shops per capita of any country in the entire world.

  1. In the year 2011, many people in the United States started calling doughnuts as donuts.

It is still unclear that doughnuts was actually the given last name, or it got changed out of passion for this dessert. Meanwhile, many people named themselves Donut and making it the 245,396th famous name in the United States according to the researchers.

  1. A doughnut shop in Oregon offered medicinal donuts to people which were often coated with Pepto Bismol or Nyquil.

A donut shop called Voodoo Doughnut in Portland, Oregon, is popular for its insane donut flavors. There was a time that the shop even provided medicinal donuts where the donuts were covered with NyQuil and Pepto Bismol. The Pepto Bismol donut was actually dipped in Pepto Bismol, then sprinkled with Tums and sold to the customers who were over drunk and wished a snack which would go easy on their stomach. The donut shop was at least forced to shut down its medicinal flavors when the FDA intervened. If you are in Portland, Oregon and search ‘Donuts near me’ on the web, feel free to visit the shop.

  1. Spudnuts in Amarillo, Texas, made donuts made of potatoes instead of flour

They made donuts with potato starch or mashed potatoes, potato donuts were so famous that they established their own fast food chain called Spudnuts. The mostly dead chain was established by two brothers, one was an appliance salesman and the other was a drug store clerk in the 1940s. They were known to establish the very first fast food donut chain in Los Angeles.

  1. Boston has the highest number of donut shops per person.

The people of Boston really love the donuts. The sweet city has one donut shop for every 2480 Bostonians according to the researchers.

  1. The French used to name their donuts as ‘Nun’s farts’.

The French used to make airy fried dough fritters which were a bit different than the American circular donut called the Pet de Nonne in French. When translated into English, it was called the Nun’s Farts.

  1. In the World War I, donuts were served to the soldiers.

The Salvation Army workers, during the World War I, would present the donuts and coffee to the soldiers in the trenches of France to encourage them and remind them of their home.

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