All About Taking Care Of Your Body Piercings

Body piercings are gaining popularity with every passing day. After all, the cooler look which body piercings give can’t be compared with any other element. Today, more and more people are getting multiple ear rings, naval rings, and many different types of facial piercings. If you have also made up your mind to go for one, it is best to know about its after care in advance.

Don’t worry, it is completely safe to get piercing done by any reputed piercer in Champaign, but there are a few preventative measures which everyone must take in order to avoid any health issues. So, before you step foot in any piercing shop in Champaign, IL, read the aftercare tips given below.

Taking care of your piercings in 3 simple steps

  • Be healthy and strong – It is extremely important to take proper diet, but it is especially important after getting a piercing. You must remain hydrated all the time and take a balanced diet, as this will help with the healing process.
  • Clean the piercing twice a day – It is recommended to clean the freshly pierced area with soap and water or saline solution. Don’t use alcohol based cleaning agents as it might make the area dry and will lead to cracks and bleeding? Prefer oil based soaps instead. Also, before touching the new piercing, make sure to wash your hands.

  • Be patient – Your new piercings will take some time to heal, so be patient. It is observed that ear lobes take around 2 to 3 months to heal and cartilage takes around 3 to 10 months to heal. As soon as it stops hurting, secreting fluids, swelling and all the redness disappears, it means it has healed. Also, instead of trying too much medication, rely on simple things like soap and water for cleaning and ice for swelling. If you take care of the piercing well, it will heal faster.

Lastly, it is recommended that you insist on using needle than gun for piercing. The thing is, it is possible to sterilize needles better than piercing guns, which are made of plastic. Also, if experience excessive pain, swelling, redness and a lot of fluids are secreting from the piercing, it is important that you contact your piercer first. Don’t run to a friend or a doctor or take online guidance. Your piercer will be able to guide you the best, so he/she should be your first stop.

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