All You Need To Know About Different Types Of Chocolates!

Chocolates – One word that makes everyone happy! In case you didn’t know, chocolate is a plant-based product that comes from cacao beans. These beans are first fermented, and then dried and roasted. The content from the beans are then extracted, ground and liquefied to get what’s called “chocolate liquor”. Chocolates that are sold in the market usually have a specified percentage of this mix, which is found in the label. Some products may have added cocoa butter, as well. The more of that chocolate liquor, the better is what is called the chocolate flavor of the product. Here’s a quick take on the different types of chocolates.

  • Milk chocolate. As evident from the name, milk chocolate contains milk and cocoa solids, and the content of cocoa solids is about 10% on an average, with sugar. If you don’t like bitter taste of dark chocolates, this is a great choice and is often used for making chocolate-based cakes and other products.
  • White chocolate. White chocolate isn’t chocolate in the first place, because it doesn’t contain any cocoa. It just contains milk solids, and in some cases, some vanilla. White chocolate is extremely sweet. Unless you think of this as chocolate, don’t get fooled by the name.

  • Dark chocolate. Again, you can probably guess from the name that dark chocolate is just that – dark. Some tend to be extremely bitter, especially those that have more than 80% cocoa. Semisweet dark chocolates usually have around 40-70% of cocoa solids, so you get the flavor of dark chocolate, but the bitterness doesn’t take over.

Coated nuts and more

There are many brands that sell coated nuts, raisins, cranberries. These products usually have a core product, typically a nut or a fruit, which is dipped in a chocolate mix and then cooled. These don’t count in the range of chocolates, but the recipes are usually customized to have different strengths of chocolate dips.

There’s no denying that chocolate is all about taste, and you need to check the labels to find more on what a product offers. The best chocolates come from selected plantations, and a considerable amount of time goes in making each of these recipes. If you are interested in making chocolates, you can order chocolates from a private-label manufacturer and sell it under your brand name. Next time, you shop for chocolates, check the label to find what is being offered.

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