Buying Windows 10 Home Key: Things Worth Knowing!

Microsoft has earned brownie points with the launch of Windows 10. While there are 12 versions, the basic three editions are Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro, and Windows 10 Enterprise. The last two are designed for commercial and business use, while the home version is targeted towards noncommercial users. This brings us to a basic question – Do you need a Windows 10 Home key to use the edition? In simple words, the answer is yes. To make the most of Windows 10 Home and the features that Microsoft offers, you must use a product key. Here are more aspects worth knowing.

What exactly is the Windows 10 Home key?

Key has been a standard feature of Microsoft Windows products for a while now. The product key ensures that the Windows is genuine and has not been used on more than one computer. Windows 10 can be activated using a product key, and the key is unique to every product. For example, a Windows 10 Home key can be used for Home edition only.

How to get the key?

There are many third-party vendors who work with Microsoft resellers to offer Windows 10 product keys at a cheaper rate. They usually get these keys in bulk and sell it for a profit. While you can always buy from the official website of Microsoft, buying from such vendors ensures a discount. The Windows 10 home key can be verified for authentication by signing up with Microsoft.

Using the Windows 10 key

Make sure that you have downloaded the right version (Home in this case) on your system. The good thing is you can still use Windows 10 Home after installation, but would be prompted to activate the version using a key. You can use the key your have purchased for instant activation. Depending on the service you have selected, you can expect to get the Windows 10 Home key on your email immediately after paying the sum. If you are new to a service, make sure that the key is genuine and offers access to the full version of Windows 10 home.

Things to know

A genuine key for Windows 10 Home will ensure that you get the updates, and you can only use it for one computer. If you want to upgrade from an older version of Window, you have to first download Windows 10 and install it before activation with the key.

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