Five Expert Tips when Investing in Vintage Wines

These days, a wine has become a sport for investors. People who can afford turn to vintage wine as their ticket to early retirement. But, just like other investments, there are risks involved. Fortunately, the tips below can help you when investing in wines:

Use your Spare Money to Invest in Wine

While the wine industry is quite lucrative, you should not use it as a gambling card. If you are planning to invest in wine, make sure you use only funds you do not need for living.

Know which Wines are Worth Investing In

If you want to invest in wine which ensures a steady profit, choose one of the top choices in the vintage wine market such as those from Grandi Bottiglie srl. Also, invest in wines that have a good track record and are in demand. Study the market and determine which wines have performed extremely well in the recent years. If you decide to invest in those wines, you have to be ready to put some hard work as you might find it difficult to find these wines.

Learn to Determine the Difference Between Good and Bad Grapes


Industry people pay attention to connoisseurs who usually predict the wineries that will produce the best wines. Those who collect wines prefer to look for and buy rare wines that critics highly regard. In turn, their value increases. If you are looking to purchase a good vintage, you must do your homework and listen to the pros.

Be Informed

Before starting to invest in wines, take the time to understand how the premium market in France works. Read up on the wine’s history to know which wineries tend to yield the highest. Also, try to visit wine events as these will help you invest in some wines from notable winemakers. Don’t forget to get insider knowledge through the international wine trading exchange.

Be Patient

Usually, you can only see a positive return on your wine investment if you stay patient. You will get to learn wines of the highest investment-grade are produced in small quantities. The increase in value can be caused by imbalanced between demand and supply. Also, wine tends to age and while they don’t improve in taste, they become rarer. As a result, they will be more desirable, causing prices to soar. If you want the best results, pick wines made in small batches which feature diverse characteristics and let them mature.

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