Five Reasons Why Swiss Army Knives Remain a Must-Have for Many

When they first debuted over a century ago, Swiss army knives were largely unique. While there had been portable multi-purpose knives before, Swiss army knives offered more in a more compact package than anything that had come before it. That being said, a century later, the secret’s out. There are plenty of knives and tool kits which have tried to emulate Swiss army knives’ perfect combination of form and function, compactness and utility, but the Swiss army knife remains “a cut above.” Why is that? Here are five reasons why Swiss army knives remain a must-have item for millions across the globe.

  1. Their Compactness

This is the first and most obvious answer to consider. Swiss army knives have always distinguished themselves by offering a wide range of vital tools all in one handy dandy item. These tools typically include knives, screwdrivers, corkscrews, tweezers, nail files, scissors, and much more. Those are lots of different tools, many of which can be incredibly useful to have in a variety of different situations. That said, obviously none of us want to lug around all of those items in a big, bulky case. Swiss army knives solve that problem neatly, with their trademark compact, flick-out design allowing you to carry all of those tools in a small, easily-pocketed package.

  1. Their Durability

Another great selling point of these knives? The fact that they are, on average, pretty durable. The tools included in Swiss army knives as well as the casing and overall unit itself can last for decades.

  1. Their Affordability

You might think that purchasing something which features as much as Swiss army knives do would be expensive. However, you would be wrong, as yet another of the classic selling points of this equally-classic tool is the fact that it is and always has been reasonably affordable, given how many tools it offers. It is rare for models to cost more than 60 pounds, with many basic models being far cheaper than that.

If you are looking for an affordable way to carry some essential tools with you wherever you go, this is it.

  1. Their Customisability

In our social media-dominated age, the drive for individualism has never been stronger. As a result, the demand for customised products has never been greater, spurring companies on to make such options more accessible. The same holds true with Swiss army knives. You can customise the outer shell of your knife online, having it engraved with your name or special symbols.

  1. Their Handiness

Last but certainly not least, Swiss army knives are simply handier than many other options out there, allowing you to use them to meet so many of life’s daily challenges. Find yourself in need of a knife for cutting a thread or some wood? Check. Maybe you’re out with friends, buy a wine bottle, and need a way to get it open? Check. Maybe you need an emergency pair of scissors? Check.

No matter what, the best Swiss army knives out there are up to the task, making then an enduring must-have even in today’s modern age.

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