Foam inserts that fit like a glove

Unlike other cases that you might come across, aluminium is a durable case material and it can resist a lot of variables that you may not factor in before your trip. If you were to drop an aluminium case, even with sensitive equipment encased inside it, the case may get dented, but your equipment will be absolutely fine.

This is because aluminium, despite being a third of the weight of steel, is one of the most hard-wearing metals to make a case out of. It’s lightweight, which makes it perfect for all of those holidays, team trips, or professional outings you might be planning on taking. These cases are even used by hobbyists, such as fishmen or individuals who enjoy using drones. We always recommend using a foam insert with your aluminium case, because it adds an extra layer of protection to the design.

Foam inserts for your aluminium case

Foam inserts are relatively self-explanatory. They are typically a thick piece of foam that has been cut down to size to fit perfectly into your case. However, you can go further with them.
Foam inserts can be moulded to the complete shape of any of your equipment, including elements such as drone parts or medical equipment. Not quite what you’re after? What about a sturdy aluminium case that opens to reveal a perfectly indented piece of foam that encases your archery equipment or even your professional camera equipment that you’re travelling with?

Foam inserts, when tucked inside aluminium cases, don’t just offer extra protection to your equipment and your electrical devices, they give the inside of your case a more professional finish and a methodical appearance.

The tool for the job

With such a well-rounded case ready for the job, you might be second-guessing your choice to look for an aluminium case, but you shouldn’t be. Aluminium cases have more features than any other transport or storage solution, and they come a range of customisable sizes. You can purchase additional foam inserts, alongside other features for your aluminium case, to keep all of your gear completely safe and separated just the way you want to store everything.

What this means for you, is that you can buy an insertable, cut and moulded piece of foam for an aluminium case of absolutely any size.

We recommend that you buy a case that would fit your equipment perfectly. To do this, with larger pieces of equipment, you can find out the largest measurements (length, width, depth), and then look for the case that would be able to fit those measurements.

When you turn the shape of your equipment into a square or rectangular version of your measurements, you can determine what size foam insert you’ll need to protect all of your equipment. Always choose a case a little bigger than the equipment that you want to store or transport inside it, that way, when you purchase your foam insert, it will all fit together like a glove.

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