Follow These Simple Tips For Selecting The Perfect Executive Chair!

Managers and executives spend hours doing their respective jobs, and as a business owner, you are liable for ensuring their comfort at the desk. Selecting a good chair for every desk is a must, and you have to consider this as an investment for at least the next five years. With thousands of products and dozens of known brands, opting for the right high back exécutive chair can be confusing, which is why we bring the simplest tips that can be followed.

  • Start with the seat height. The seat height of the chair needs to be adjustable, typically between 15 and 22 inches. Make sure that you are capable of doing the adjustments without relying on any extra tools. The width of the seat also matters because even people on the plus side might be using the chair. At the minimum, the width should be 17 inches.

  • Don’t miss lumbar support. Various studies have indicated that the lack of lumbar support is the prime reason for lower back pain. Always invest in an executive chair that provides the scope for lumbar adjustment, so that the curve of the lower back gets adequate support.
  • The backrest is necessary. Go for a chair that has a full back with width between 12 and 19 inches. The backrest should be capable of reclining as required, because people must take breaks in between and what can be more comforting than leaning back on the chair?
  • Check the arm rests. Typically, all office chairs do have armrests, but it is necessary for the feature to be adjustable, so that the user can work comfortable for hours. Again, check how the armrests are adjusted because you don’t want to rely on extra tools for that.
  • Select a known brand. There’s a reason why branded chairs for offices cost more than a standard one. Brands invest significantly on the ergonomics, design and overall appeal of their collections and products, and if you choose the right company, you don’t have to bother about the smaller aspects.

We also suggest that you look for a chair that comes with a swivel base. Users should be able to move around and reach different parts of their cabin or cubicle as required. Focus on the shape and design, as well, because these chairs need to be a part of your office interiors and must be adequately aesthetic.

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