Four Steps to Take when Committing to Sustainable Shopping

A lot of people purchase more than what they need. Indeed, some of them buy the wrong items just because they were priced low. Unfortunately, cheap clothing does not last a few wears at least and once thrown away, they will end up in landfills.

Sustainable shopping is about making the most out of your purchase. It is not only about the environment but also about something which helps you make better purchases and support the local textile industry. If you are looking to develop a habit of sustainable shopping, here are some clever steps you can take:

Consider How you Will Receive the Items

Whether you are shopping online or in brick-and-mortar stores, you need to consider some factors. For instance, you can reduce emissions but getting to the stores on public transport, insisting on eco-friendly packaging, and buying your items at once to void making several trips.

Get the Materials Right

In general, you will want to purchase items cut from fabrics such as silk, wool, linen, cotton, and others. A lot of items made of materials other than these options are made synthetically in laboratories using harmful chemicals such as petroleum. These items do not biodegrade and shed microfibers whenever you wash them. In fact, they are not comfortable to wear since they do not allow air to circulate around your body. Although you can start with natural fibers, it makes sense to look out for organic versions to avoid pesticides and herbicides these non-organic items are exposed to.

Shop for Products from Brands that Commit to Sustainability

A lot of famous brands have dedicated programs in place which promote clothes recycling, reducing their impacts on the environment. Also, some brands are looking for natural fabric alternatives which are friendlier to the environment. Thus, before shopping, check out a brand’s environmental credentials. Check out Fibertech’s sustainable clothing awards to be aware of how committed brands can be to sustainability.

Focus on Quality Shopping

By quality here, we mean less, better, and local shopping. There is really no point in buying more when you only throw items away. Consider purchasing pieces which benefit your wardrobe and support local craftspeople. Do not think that locally-made items are priced high. Some brands buck this trend by using a network of locally run factories to create wardrobe staples at reasonable prices.

Putting enough thought into what you are shopping for will help you make good decisions. Shopping impulsively will leave you getting cheap items you will never wear. Take the time think about whether you really want or need an item before you buy and consider how will it benefit your wardrobe.

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