How to Buy an E-Cig Starter Kit

E cigarettes have become incredibly popular in the past decade or so. E-cigarettes have actually been around for more than two decades, and were originally pitched to the general public as a viable alternative to smoking. Companies began to market e-cigs as a healthy alternative to cigarette smoking, but the trend never caught on. Most chain smokers (for whom the company intended the e-cigs for), considered the difference in taste to be too big, and didn’t convert. For the next five to eight years, the industry remained dormant, with only a few companies releasing different models.

However, the trend eventually caught on around 2010, when e-cig companies began using a whole different marketing tactic to push e-cigs. Instead of marketing them as an alternative to conventional cigarettes, companies began marketing e-cigs as a lifestyle change. Today, there are numerous competitions that are held all around the world where people show their custom mod builds and participate in vaping contests. If you want to get into vaping, you first need to purchase an e-cigarette starter kit. If you go to the store without any prior information about different types of starter kits, you might end up spending a lot of money without being able to get what you want. Here are a few tips to help you purchase a decent starter kit for your needs.

The Basic Options

Before you go shopping for a new e-cig starter kit, you need to know the difference between different models. E-cigs start around 40-50 AUG, and can go well into the hundreds. The basic starter kit might not even have an appropriately-sized display. The wattage is also relatively low, with the cheapest models going only as high as 35W. The more expensive models come with additional features and also have a bigger mod that is capable of reaching a maximum wattage of around 240 W, with some going even higher.

Your vaping experience will be primarily determined by the type of tank that you use. The conventional tank that comes with the mod has a cotton coil that you will need to replace after a few days of heavy use. However, if you want a better vaping experience, you should consider upgrading to a rebuildable tank. Not only do they last longer, but replacing the cotton is considerably cheaper as well.

Purchasing a Starter Kit

If you want to buy a starter kit, you should first check for local companies in your area that supply such kits. A simple online search will reveal all of the companies that provide starter kits at low prices. However, it’s also important that you select a suitable model. You can check online for different models that are suitable for people who are beginners in the world of vaping. Once you purchase a starter kit, make sure you go through the manual and ask the sales representative to show you how the vaporiser must be assembled before you purchase it.

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