How You Can Be Better E-Commerce Packaging Buyer?

Those e-commerce companies who are relatively new in this business need plenty of time to learn various tricks of the trade in order to become more profitable in their business. Learning to buy the packaging material can also be one of them.

In this post, we are going to share some of our experience in handling many years in e-commerce activities to manage the purchase of packaging meant for bulk custom boxes used for shipping different kinds of items.

How many envelops or boxes do you usually order?

You must understand while buying mailing envelops and packing boxes, there is certain minimum number of items that you need to order otherwise it would be expensive.

Also, if you can place regular order for these items in bulk quantity then you can bargain maximum amount of discount.

Therefore, you need to do proper planning and decide your annual requirement of these packaging materials and based on that you must try to order in bulk to get better cost advantage.

What should be the right size of envelop or box to choose?

You must remember that you are not dealing with pizzas where size of the packaging remains more or less the same. Here in the e-commerce business your product ranges and also their possible sizes can greatly vary from each other to a great extent.

Everyone who are involved in packaging business are working based on internal dimensions e.g. length x width x height in inches.

Therefore, you need to consider maximum and minimum size of your product that you are going to handle and decide few standard sizes so that you can cover majority of your products within few standard sizes of boxes.

Did you ask for prices from several companies?

As a buyer you have right to know the prices offered by number of vendors dealing with such packaging items. However, it will make better sense if you restrict yourself within 2 or 3 suppliers of box so that you may develop a long-term business relationship.

They will not only ensure you better price but also better service too.

Avoid asking prices for all the sizes of boxes?

If you ask the supplier to quote for all the sizes of boxes then it will give a message to the vendor that you really do not know what your exact requirement is.

Therefore, take your time and restrict yourself within few standard sizes and stick to them.

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