Looking For a Custom Diamond Engagement Ring? Here’s what you need To Know!

Popping that big question requires the perfect ring. Men often have little information on jewelry and diamonds, and they are often not sure of what it takes to get an engagement ring. Practically, you have two choices – You can either pick one of the rings that you find at your trusted jewelry store, or you can choose to get a custom ring. Below are a few things you must know about custom diamond engagement rings.

Should I get custom engagement ring?

To be fair, this is a matter of personal choice. Sometimes, it is hard to find a ring that reminds you of “her” or a ring that truly describes the style of your beloved. With custom diamond engagement rings manufacturers, you can design a ring that you prefer. It is possible to buy loose diamonds, which can be then designed into a ring that you would like. Most manufacturers have two options – ‘Made to order’ and ‘Modified to order’. In case of ‘made to order’ rings, everything from the diamond to the design is selected in a customized way, after discussing everything with the buyer. Such rings can be expensive, especially when you are looking for a specific thing.

On the other hand, ‘Modified to order’ rings are basically redesigned to match certain aesthetics. The basic layout of the ring will be offered by the jeweler, and you can choose to change the diamond or a part of the design. There are a wide range of choices in both, so take a call according to your preferences.

Know your diamond

Most couples prefer engagement rings that have a solitaire, and often, the price of the diamond has the biggest influence on the final cost. You have to know your diamond, for which checking certification for the 4Cs is of utmost importance. It is always better to look for loose diamonds after setting a budget, so that you know the price to be paid, which also includes cost of the metal, as well as, jewelry making charges. Colorless, excellent cut diamonds can fetch high prices, even when the carat size isn’t as huge.

Finally, make sure that you are aware of her style. An engagement ring is usually worn for the longest time, so you don’t want to go for a custom design that’s too cumbersome. Take a few hints from here before you start looking for designs and loose diamonds.

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