Quick Things Worth Knowing About Perfumes

A lot of people are intrigued how some perfumes are so expensive, often costing thousands of dollars. Perfumery is an art, and it requires considerable effort. In this post, we will talk of the aspects that you must know about perfumes.

Types of fragrances

For starters, perfumes are classified based on the concentration of fragrances. Fragrances can be classified into eight categories – Woody, Oriental, Fruity, Floral, Citrus, Green, Oceanic, and Spicy. Floral perfumes, as the name implies, have considerable influence of flower scents, while citrus ones have the essence of citrus that add the tangy scent. Woody fragrances often combine wood and moss, while oriental perfumes are typically designed for masculine gender with earthy and musky notes. Green fragrances are best known for the sporty scents and are ideal for daytime wear, while fruity scents are designed with ladies in mind and have typical fruit-based essences.

What kind of fragrance you choose is a matter of personal choice. While there are classic lines for men and women, a lot of men do love floral perfume scents, while many women have a thing for musky scents.

Types of perfumes

If you check the options in market, you will find a bunch, but what needs attention is the category. As mentioned, the fragrance concentration eventually determines how long the perfume will last. The best of the category is Parfum, simply called pure perfume, which contains 15-30% of fragrance. Some of the best perfumes have fragrance concentration of 40% and are usually used on pulse spots, like the wrist or back of the ear. Eau de Parfum is the next best of all, with fragrance concentration of about 20%, and you can expect the scent to last for like five hours. Eau de Toilette is probably the most common one, with fragrance concentration between 10% to 15%. It is also cheaper and more popular than others. Eau de Cologne contains even a lower concentration of fragrances, not more than 5%, and there’s also another category called Eau Fraiche, which contains about 3% fragrance of less with rest of it being water.

If you are new to perfumes, take your time to experiment and choose between brands. You can also play around with perfumes, and there are people who actually like to mix and use perfumes. The quality and source of the perfume eventually determines the price, so paying a tad more for something better is never a bad idea.

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