Shopping Tips on Finding the Perfect Signature Jewelry to Make You Stand Out

When it is a question of fashion, jewelry is perhaps the best way to complete an outfit. It makes you feel at the top of the world, enhances your looks to the next level and helps you stand out from the crowd. There are so many varieties to choose from, especially from the beautiful range of signature engagement rings and so many price points to have you develop your own jewelry style. You might have been gathering jewelry pieces and are not sure how to integrate multiple looks into an outfit or you are just beginning your jewelry wardrobe. When you are seeking ways to hone your style, take into consideration having a signature piece you will wear on a constant basis. There are many ways to achieve this:

  1. By type
  2. By element
  3. By style

By type

Choose one kind of jewelry like a necklace or bracelet and make that your signature piece. You can also consider paring down to take it to the next level. If you are wearing bracelets, choose a signature bracelet. If you are wearing rings that will be your signature piece, go for wearing many at once. Or collect thing channel rings set with many colors of gemstones and wear them several to a finger. Selecting one type of jewelry and sticking to it will help in honing your signature look.

By element

Pearls are a great option to be deemed as a signature. They tend to go with every dress style, from preppie to hippy. You can also choose the metallic element. If you are choosing one metal for all jewelry, you can create a unifying theme for all piece to make them easy to coordinate and wear together. A gold bangle with a gold charm bracelet and a gold signet ring is a sophisticated look because all the metals are matching together.

By style

If you look at your wardrobe and find the redundant styles all along like vintage pieces etc. you need to extend your look via your jewelry. If you love preppy look go for pearls and monograms in delicate gold. If you are a rocker chic, combine leather with diamonds. If you love vintage, go with family heirlooms and vintage jewelry. No matter what your style, it becomes signature when you wear a lot of it.

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