Six Helpful Tips when Buying Golf Clubs

Golf equipment has greatly improved with new technologies. With the advances, you may need help in getting the most of your next purchase, be it the most forgiving callaway irons, hybrid, driver, a sleeve of balls, or putter. To find the best clubs for you, you should consult with the best clubfitter. Also, the following tips can help you with this:

Choose a Shorter, Closed Driver

A lot of drivers you can find in the market these days are sold with shafts 45 inches or longer. Keep in mind that a longer club means harder to hit squarely. However you slice it, a shorter driver is better with woods.

Think about Making your 3-Wood your Driver

If you hit your 3-wood as far as your driver, you will not have enough driver lofts. For the majority of golfers, an 11-degree loft is not enough so consider shopping for 3-, 5-, and 7- wood combination rather than the conventional driver. With even a simple change, a golfer can drop five strokes.

Buy Hybrids Right

The trick is matching the hybrids exactly to the irons they are replacing. If you want to replace long irons, choose easier-to-hit hybrid which go the same distance. Ensure the long irons are replaced with hybrids of the same length and loft so there will be no distance gaps.

Know that There is One-Size-Fits-All Golf Clubs

When it comes to golf clubs, you want to purchase ones that suit your needs. Golfers have different shapes, swing skills, and sizes, which requires them to use clubs with various weights, lengths, life angles, and lofts. When you use a club that is too long, too heavy, or too light, you won’t be able to deliver the clubhead consistently so it’s square at impact.

Consider your Home Course when Picking Wedges

Is your home course elevated, small, and fast? If so, you need lots of lofts. If your bunkers are filled with much soft sand, you need a sand wedge with more bounce or a wider sole. A firm turf that leads to plenty of tight lies requires less bounce.

Consider the Ball

With today’s ball technology, there is no need to pick between a rock and marshmallow. Generally, you want a ball that has a low spin off a driver and low spin off a wedge. However, the majority of golfers must keep distance in mind. Additional yardage off the tee is more essential than a little more spin around the greens.

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