Six Reasons to Buy Organic Produce

Organic foods are grown and harvested through a system that does not use man-made fertilizers, growth regulators, and pesticides. Organic fruits and vegetables are better for health and the environment. Organic farming practices are meant to meet goals as improving soil and water quality, minimizing pollution, promoting a self-sustaining farm resource cycle, and more.

The following are some of the reasons to buy organic foods including fruits and vegetables:

They are Healthy

Studies reveal that organic foods contain higher levels of vitamins and minerals. The increase in nutrients is evidence in some kinds of flavonoids that feature antioxidant properties.

They Don’t Contain any Additives

Organic food does not have food additives that been associated with health issues like food allergies, asthma, migraines, heart disease, and others. Organic regulations ban additives such as hydrogenated fats, monosodium glutamate, aspartame, as well as other artificial coloring, sweeteners, and flavoring.

They Have Lower Detectable Pesticide Residue Levels

In general, farmers use some kind of compound on their produce to stave off disease and minimize pests. But, there is a significant difference between the use of naturally-occurring compounds and the use of laboratory-made compounds, mainly the way they remain in the soil and absorbed by the body.

Man-made chemicals are harmful since they get into the groundwater, damage the soil, and can affect the body in the long term. Organic foods are farmed without using these harmful chemicals.

They are Delicious

A lot of produce that can be bought in stores are treated with a sealer to retain their freshness. Usually, these sealers impact their taste. But, any established frozen blueberry supplier does not use these chemicals. Their produce undergoes a freezing process that retains their original taste and quality.

They Don’t Have GMOs

Organic foods are not grown from genetically-modified organisms (GMOs). Some studies show that consuming GMOs can have some health risks.

They are Better for the Environment

The use of chemicals for treating non-organic produce and the long-term damage they can cause to the surrounding must be a serious concern.  Organic farming prevents the penetration of pesticides into the soil and promotes a better health for the surrounding wildlife. Since organic farming retains soil nutrients, it does not require the use of fertilizers. Because organic fruits and vegetables don’t use chemicals for maintaining freshness, they are often sold locally. Because they don’t have to be transported to places, they can help in reducing carbon emissions.

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