Three Helpful Tips to Successfully Catch a GT

As an angler, one of the fishes that you cannot miss in your bucket list is the giant trevally (GT). Unfortunately, this fish has been maintaining a solid reputation for being one of the toughest fishes in the world. In fact, having this fish means mowing down GT poppers and stickbaits and going with the creature in a tug of war. Extracting this fish from its coral reef abodes takes more than just some willpower. Before embarking on a GT fishing adventure, you need to consider a number of important elements to increase your chances of successfully catching one. The tips below can help you successfully taking home the giant:

Bring the Right GT Gear

Typically, GTs live in a coral-studded territory so your only choice is to lock up and go hard on it. A GT has the pulling power that is hard to beat. It requires a stronger tackle and serious fighting tactics.

To fight GTS on the fly, you must be prepared with the right fly line, leaders, and rod/reel combination. Think about 300 yards of backing and 13 lb leaders to avoid being cut on the small GT teeth or on the reef.

Take Advantage of the Shots you Get

It is possible that you can have just one cast at a cruising fish for an entire day or week. It is important to concentrate and be ready to send out a nice smooth cast. Focus on leading the fish by several feet and allow the fly sink to slightly lower in the water column. When you think the fly is close enough for the GT to see, consider long quick strips to get the attention of the fish.

Set the Hook Properly

If a GT eats your fly, ensure the rod is pointing down and at the fish. Set the hook with what a strip strike. While stripping, the rod should be in your right hand and the stripping in the other. While the fish eats the fly, hold on tight to the rod and the running line pulling them as hard as you can simultaneously with both hands while pointing the rod at the giant. After ensuring the hook is in, release the hold on the line in your left hand. Before you lift the rod, make sure the spare line around the feet has run out and the line is pouring off the reel.

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