What To Expect From The Right Underwater Camera? Find Here!

If you are someone who enjoys scuba diving and deep-sea diving, an underwater camera is probably one of your must-have accessories. To capture underwater life, you need a camera that can work aptly to get those stunning images and videos. Experts agree that every video taken somewhere in the ocean is unique, because marine diversity is beyond what most of us know. Buying an underwater camera can be confusing, which is why we have listed down a few things that you can expect from the right model.

  • Easy use. There’s a reason why many new divers have their doubts about DSLRs and other kinds of expensive setups. Find a camera that’s super easy to use. Some of the better ones have automated features, which allow you to automatically record videos when you are underneath the water surface and recording would stop automatically when you are out of water. The best underwater camera is the one that keep things simple!

  • Effective function. As obvious, underwater cameras need to perform under water, and therefore, it needs to be waterproof. The extent of which must be checked. For basic scuba diving, a camera that’s waterproof up to 250M is more than adequate. You also need to check if the product can take decent photographs in areas of low visibility. In that respect, the product should have different Depth-controlled Color Corrections and White Balance settings.
  • Great battery life. It makes no sense to buy an underwater camera that doesn’t have great battery life, because you would be expecting support and video recording for at least two hours. It also depends on the quality of recording. For 4K recording, 2 hours is decent time.
  • Good resolution. A lot of people prefer taking still photos, for which the resolution is important. At the very least, pick something that has optics with 8 MP. As for video resolution, 720p-200 FPS is very standard, but the best cameras have 4k-30 FPS option too.

  • Easy connectivity. Transferring and getting data from your camera should be easy, and it should get connected with your monitors, screens and laptops. Depending on the product, expect to get app connection via Wi-Fi with Bluetooth and USB 0.5” OLED connectivity.
  • Storage. Eventually, camera onboard memory is never enough, so you need a device that has expandable memory via using a Micro SD-card. Typically, you can expect to add a 64GB Micro SD-card, which is not included in the package in most cases.
  • Brand support. Even the best underwater cameras need brand support. You need to get a product that can be repaired and check when required. Some brands have earned great reputation with regards to product assistance and customer support and paying a tad more for one of these companies is not a bad idea.

Check the features, decide your budget and take a call on the underwater camera that works for your diving needs. You can also check a few pictures and videos to know more on camera optics and other aspects.

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